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“It was a pleasure working with the team at martinwolf. Throughout our six-month journey, the team worked tirelessly to find the best possible outcome for the employees and stockholders of BenefitsXML.

David Donahue, President, Benefits XML

John N. Poole

President and CEO

“As you know, we were considering not only your firm but several larger, national investment banks to serve as advisor to SPS as we went to market to explore strategic options and raise capital. Through the selection process, these other firms offered the big name, scale and volume. But you and your team offered an understanding of our business, our industry, the relevant investment community and insight that helped us consider different options before us… There are the mechanics of running a process that I believe many firms can deliver, but what differentiated you and your firm is the art of the deal. I am very pleased with the outcome you delivered and believe it is the best possible for SPS.”

Howard A. Jacobson

SVP, Corporate Development

“We asked you to assist us to find a professional services company with strong Unix skills and revenue in a fairly narrow range. We imposed additional criteria regarding our accounting for the proposed transaction. We asked that you identify candidates in a very short period of time. Despite the challenges and the pressure, your team immediately turned to our project and began identifying prospects within just days. You pursued the initial investigation with amazing rapidity and gathered incredibly detailed information in less than a month. The team efficiently and effectively winnowed the candidates down to those reasonable meeting our needs and presented the profile information in a very effective manner. Your efforts made our participation significantly easier… I was very pleased with the final terms of the transaction and recognize your role in helping to achieve the result.”

Stanley Laybourne


“Insight has been transformed, and that may not have been possible without your assistance. We have a long history with your firm, but your assistance on our last three transactions – one strategic acquisition and two divestitures – was invaluable. You and your team have been critical to Insight’s success, and we thank you for your efforts.”

Anne Brace

SVP Finance & CFO

“You did a thorough job of identifying and assessing potential acquisition candidates and in ensuring that there was a strategic fit for Softchoice. Your understanding of the industry and the various players was extremely beneficial to Dave and me as we went through this process. We are confident that the acquisitions of Software Plus and Optimus Solutions will provide a lasting benefit for Softchoice.”

Kamal K. Singh

Founder, Chairman and CEO

“A lot of credit is due to you for identifying AdvizeX and helping in negotiating and closing the deal. We have now worked together on over four deals and all of them have been successful for us, for which we sincerely appreciate your support and efforts.”

Samuel L. Katz

Managing Partner

“Your firm’s knowledge of the industry was invaluable during the marketing and closing of the transaction. Additionally, you and your team were always available as we progressed through the many highs and lows of the process. Your marketing process uncovered a number of buyers who were not apparent at the onset of the engagement. You also helped us to negotiate successfully several key valuation and structural issues. We were very pleased with the terms and structure of the final transaction, and recognize your help in completing the deal.”

Russell Madris

President and CEO

“I had interviewed many investment banks as well as other direct competitors. Your firm’s knowledge of the industry and your detailed step by step selling process to ensure closing were what convinced me you were the right company. This process was invaluable during the marketing and closing of the transaction… I was very pleased with the terms and structure of the final transaction and recognize your help in completing the deal... Your firm demonstrated during the engagement that we made the right choice; you delivered on your promises in a professional and engaging manner.”

Barry Steinberg


“This was a complicated deal with many potential pitfalls. Your knowledge of the industry was impressive and the abilities of you and your colleagues to tackle the many obstacles that presented themselves were invaluable. Without your efforts, I know this transaction could never have been completed.”

Mike Norris


“While Computacenter had a small existing US operation, our knowledge of the US marketplace was extremely limited but was more than made up by your organization’s in-depth knowledge of the market. Given the criteria we set out for a target acquisition, you were able to not only give us a number of suitable alternatives, but we feel we have concluded with an acquisition that best suits our needs. Through the final stages of the acquisition process you struck the right balance of getting involved closely when necessary, but also knowing when to step back and let the principals negotiate but always being there with advice and guidance.”

Paul R. Reitmeier


“We truly believe that your entire organization was focused on identifying the right buyer, not just a buyer. You and your team were always accessible and always checking the pulse of our employees and customers. You quickly earned our trust and belief that you would negotiate the best agreement for Inacom Communications… You brought a confidence, a positive attitude, and a proven track record in mergers and acquisitions; but most importantly, you brought to us the understanding of the ebb and flow of a buy/sell courtship. Your coaching to our team truly was the difference in getting this agreement completed and closed.”

James Zedella

President and CEO

“I have personally been through three transactions for which the other two were advised by money center investment banks. This third transaction, advised by martinwolf, was much better in terms of expectations, outcome and ease of transaction. Anyone intent on buying or selling their technology business should review your firm’s credentials. Price/performance has always been the ratio of importance in the technology world. Your firm operates at the highest end of this ratio.”

Thomas E. Kolassa

Former Chairman

“I know marketing a company with nonworking owners in the company can be extremely challenging; however, you and your team far exceeded my expectations and delivered on time all aspects of your marketing proposal. I have had numerous business friends inquire how the process went and the only thing I say is ‘without martinwolf, I am not sure it would have gotten done.'"

David Donahue


“It was a pleasure working with the team at martinwolf. Throughout our six-month journey, the team worked tirelessly to find the best possible outcome for the employees and stockholders of BenefitsXML. Your firm’s knowledge of the M&A process was much appreciated as we negotiated our way to a very successful outcome for all parties. I found your shrewd business intellect to be very enlightening.”

Peter J. Mulholland


“The overall task of our company merging into a larger firm was daunting. The amount of effort required during the due diligence process was especially challenging. Therefore, it is important that I make mention of how all of us at GAC were impressed with the performance of your team and acknowledge the professionalism, persistence, and untiring commitment to guide us through this process… You and your team provided the guidance that successfully navigated us to attaining our goal.”

James F. Walker

Senior VP and CFO

“martinwolf provided fantastic support throughout the process. They developed and helped us sort through a comprehensive list of potential buyers. Then they were very proactive in pushing the deal along when the buyers dragged their feet, or when I was distracted by other issues. They provided excellent advice and assistance every step of the way. They provided service well beyond my expectations.”

Dan Rose & Tim Mueller


“During the last six months, you have offered us nothing but the finest counsel as we prepared for, and carried out, the selling of our business. We admired how you moved each prospective buyer along with deliberate speed and enthusiasm (which is truly an art form), and we learned some great lessons in life. It’s not often in business that you meet someone who cares so much about his or her passion.”

James D. Kebert


“Direct Alliance wants to extend our personal gratitude for your assistance in guiding us through this transaction. The ease at which it occurred is a testament to your entire teams’ commitment to making it both successful and effortless… Through your efforts and hard work, Direct Alliance and its employees are better positioned to realize their full potential, now that we are aligned with a parent company that is in our industry and to whom we are strategic to.”

William P. Killian

Vice President Corporate Development and Strategy

“As Corporate Vice President of Business Development for Johnson Controls, a Fortune 100 company, when we hired MWA, we too were faced with the safe and obvious choice, our existing bankers or taking a risk on a young, aggressive entrepreneurial firm. We were used to using top tier investment bankers. In selling our network integrated services division, we certainly could have used our regular bankers, but chose MWA based upon Marty’s personal commitment and his expertise in the field. They delivered, and we were rewarded with a quick sale at a very full price, to a bonafide buyer, previously unknown to us.”

Jeff Reed

Director of Technology

“The true test of the quality of an organization’s customer service is when you are treated exceptionally by people whom you’ve never met in person. Professionalism, kindness – despite my ability to ask for much with few words – and promptness are a few words that describe my experiences.”

Nitin Khanna


“I believe what we achieved was the best possible outcome for the future of Saber and for Karan and me personally. You have helped us find a firm that will provide a strong financial and strategic partnership for Saber and enable the company to grow at an even more incredible growth rate. While your advocacy and negotiating skills through the diligence process were invaluable, I find that what I found most enjoyable working with you was your sincerity and integrity. You were always able to cut through the issue to make the truth apparent, to let me know when I might be being unfair to the other side, and to provide a supportive word when things seemed especially tough.”

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