Quarterly Earnings

Quarterly Earnings Reports

On a quarterly basis, martinwolf tracks the financial performance of a select number of IT Services businesses. These leaders are trusted influencers for our industry. Based on an adjudicated process, the companies martinwolf tracks change based on annual performance.


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16 May 2019

CANCOM Group Q1 FY19

Q1 Revenue up 2% YoY to €370.0M…

16 May 2019

Pivot Technology Solutions Q1 FY19

Q1 Revenue down (19.95%) YoY to $295.598M…

13 May 2019

Presidio, Inc. Q3 FY19 Results

Q3 Sales up 93% YoY to $705.2M…

10 May 2019

Bechtle AG

Q1 Revenue up 8% YoY to €1.234B…

2 May 2019

Arrow Electronics Q1 FY19

Market Info Reported 5/2/19 pre-Market 5/2/19 stock price: (9.95%) Ticker: NYSE: ARW # of Shares: 85.185M Market Cap: $7.113B Income Statement Q1 Sales up 08% YoY to $7.156B Americas components sales up 6% YoY Europe components sales up 2% YoY Asia-Pacific components sales up 8% YoY Enterprise computing solutions sales up 1% YoY Gross Income…

1 May 2019

Insight Enterprises, Inc. Q1 FY19

Q1 Net Sales down (3.27%) YoY from $1.74B to $1.685B…

2 May 2019

Connection, Inc. Q1 FY19

Q1 Sales up 28% YoY to $632.92M…

30 April 2019

Atea ASA Q1 FY19

Q1 Net Sales down (3.27%) YoY to $1.685B…